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The side that’s trying to facilitate the exposure and exchange of information is probably more factually reliable than the side that’s trying to withhold and restrict the exposure and exchange of information — it really is that simple.

Friday, August 26, 2022


A great interview

with a smart guy 


“Nothing to See Here”

 Good thing we have government approved censors of “disinformation” to keep wayward thoughts from becoming too widespread. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022


The Two Valid Ways of Judging a Candidate


With all the perpetual talk of Trump’s “danger to our democracy” and “authoritarian tendencies” I had to speculate as to how such blatant distortions of reality can occur.

To be sure, Trump is uniquely a lightening rod for non-stop attack by those who favor the entrenched establishment and its numerous power structures.

Other “Trumps” have come before the current definitive model. In the early 60’s, Senator Barry Goldwater was the contemporary punching bag of media elitists and Washington insiders. Like now, their propaganda was effective in swaying many people to believe he was the modern embodiment of “fascism.”  Like now, he was a complete opposite of fascism. He believed in limited government as outlined by America’s constitution.  He believed in a free-market economy where businesses large and small could flourish.  He was decidedly pro-American and recognized the need to actively favor America’s system and culture over the police-state thugs who sought to subvert and destroy it.  Add to that, he was funny — like many conservatives.   How many funny leftists have you seen?  

A couple of decades later, another public figure sought the presidency — Ronald Reagan — with the same dishonest assaults upon him and his candidacy. This time, in spite of the leftist industrial complex’s best efforts, Reagan become president, implemented conservative policies at home and abroad, and became one of America’s greatest modern presidents.  Like today, he was accused of being “anti-gay” in spite of his many gay friends in Hollywood. He was accused of being racist, fascist, and …stupid (as if the talking heads at the alphabet networks of the time were “smart”). 

It occurred to me when considering the incredibly unfair and dishonest treatment directed at popular conservative personalities of the past several decades, that the criteria used to judge a candidate for public office boil down to two things — emotional perceptions and objective appraisal of policies. 

Some people absolutely despise Donald Trump. They want him dead. When asked why he elicits such hatred, the answer more often than not reflects a personal emotional appraisal. They hate his look, his personal style, and manner of communication.  These things of course have nothing to do with economic policy, international trade, or “fascism.”  

Among some of the smarter or at least more honest detractors of Trump (and conservative populism) is an appraisal that takes issue with his policies.  People who hate capitalism, free speech, and an “America First” ideal, despise trump every bit as much as the those who hate him for his hair and complexion (“orange man bad”).  

Of course, when one hates a politician’s policies, it’s easy to drag in issues of perceived moral character and style — “Trump should allow open borders…and he’s fat and cheated on his wives.”

If one’s criterion for judgement is moral character, that’s certainly fair game. One can reasonably claim that they despise people who use foul sexually-charged language and therefore despise a particular candidate on those grounds.

More objectively, one can honestly acknowledge that they support a government with increasing central authority and punitive powers and therefore hate the candidate who believes in a high degree of self-government and free expression 

What’s going on today, with considerable help from media and powerful partisan institutions, is not the honest perspectives of those acting on emotion or those objectively noting policies they abhor.  So it is that so many in the hate-Trump bandwagon ramble off a litany of accusations that have no grounding in reality.  Any honest appraisal of Trump’s actual policies would see him as rather similar to an average moderate Democrat from the pre-Obama years.  We are now regularly told by pundits that the Republican Party itself has dramatically changed and is now “extreme,” “radical,” and “fascist.”  Bumper-sticker slogans are easy to digest even if they are far off the mark.  Republicans today, like decades ago, are pro business/free market. They are for less centralization of political authority and for considerable deregulation from the tentacles of the administrative state.  Most importantly, they have always held a view of “America First.”  What has changed in the last couple of decades is that many Democrats now cringe at the thought of “America first.” They truly are globalists  with faith and fervor in support of numerous schemes by international power-players.  Like many world leaders today (Trudeau, Macron, …Biden), the lemmings of leftdom are fully on board with the idea of a “great reset” that will monitor every citizens behavior and belief and reign in the little people who stand in the way of “planned” society.

Any one of us can honestly acknowledge our biases that may favor appearance and style as valid points of appraisal but…

When one claims to be concerned about extremist and authoritarian policy, there should at least be objective grounds for making such a claim. More often than not, there are none.

So, judge a candidate. Judge with the criterion that guides your own values most.  But, don’t justify your disdain for candidate X on the grounds that he or she is a “fascist” …because they favor a tax cut and secure border. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022


A Slow Coup…

 …with accelerating speed

Saturday, August 13, 2022


The Concocted Crimes of “Orange Man” and Those Who Support Him

They can’t find actual examples of an epidemic of “White Supremacy.”  So, they concoct them.

They can’t find actual examples of a “hate crime” epidemic and “systemic racism.” So, they concoct it all (think Jussie Smollett).  

They can’t find real collusion of any kind between Donald Trump and Russia. So, they fabricate it.  

They can’t find any examples of tax fraud by Trump, so they subpoena his taxes in the hopes that maybe they can find something.  (Why are we not subpoenaing Nancy Pelosi’s tax returns?). 

They tell us that Trump is a racist homophobe and still can’t offer a single example where he has spoken with malice toward anyone based on their race or lifestyle. (Some of his greatest supporters are from the groups the lying media want you to believe he hates).

They tell us non-stop that Trump is an authoritarian “fascist”…for enforcing a secure border, deregulating the economy, and defending free speech.

In milder accusations, we are told that he posted “mean tweets” when in fact he had simply responded with wit and sarcasm to mean tweets directed at him. 

All this and the finger-pointers never get so much as a slap on the wrist after provable  crimes on their part had been completely revealed — masters of projection. 

Now, we are told that some major crime worthy of an FBI raid will finally remove the concept of “America First” from the left’s obsessions (they are decidedly NOT America first). 

None of these pathetic banana republic tactics have given the worthless Democrats the win they hoped to produce. Their continued loss is not due to error or a lack of all the facts. Their failure is solely due to the fact every one of their accusations have been lies. Dishonest concoctions woven solely for the purpose of harming an innocent man and his associates so that a corrupt totalitarian clique can seize power over a nation and hand it over to a global dystopian nightmare. 

The irony is that Trump, conservatives, and populists will not need to lie or concoct anything when investigations occur and justice finally prevails. If there is such a thing as karma, the shoe will soon be on the other foot and, this time, just accusations needn’t be concocted. 

Friday, August 12, 2022


The Plot Sickens

 It’s an abomination that people like Hannity and Don Lemon et al. are paid the big bucks when there are people like this guy offering genuine insight into the intrigues of the day.


Ceausescu all over again…

This guy has got to be kidding.  Is it a mere coincidence that Merrick Garland looks look a former Soviet Eastern Block authoritarian operative.

“Fair and equal justice” millions and millions of citizens aren’t buying it. When the shit really hits the fan, Garland will get a front row seat. Karma will prevail.

Tuesday, August 09, 2022



 and insightful appraisal

Saturday, August 06, 2022


 The definition of political insanity is destroying a free and prosperous country and expecting a positive result.


Love or hate conservative populism…

You should know why we are pissed. An Excellent summary. 

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